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At Noa Residence

A ECO-friendly concept hotel.

The Explorer Hotel is expected to offer quality and unique hotel at competitive room rate. The hotel is attractive to hotel guests that want to be located near to the ‘happening’ areas within the Melaka city centre and also close to the UNESCO’s heritage site. The ECO-friendly concept of the Explorer hotel need to be highlighted as the environmental protection trend is the most concern responsibility of everyone so it is attractive to its audiences.

Well planned, aggressive and coordinated marketing strategies are necessary to create publicity and market awareness to promote the Explorer hotel. Special arrangements or tight up with travel agencies as well as the sales of rooms through internet should be set up and upgraded. Complimentary and quality hotel services, building cleanliness and many others, are provided to attract and retain hotel guests.

The favorable outlook for the tourism sector in Melaka augurs well for the proposed development of the Explorer hotel. It is well positioned as an ECO-friendly hotel to attract hotel guests due to its strategic location, which is right beside all the main shopping complexes in Melaka as well as the UNESCO’s heritage site. Overall, the Explorer Hotel development is viable and will not adversely affect the immediate property market.

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